HEY! – wanna be coached by me?


I am now back home in Stockholm after having a fabulous weekend course (1 of 2) on Coach certification. I have received so many useful tools and new insights on what coaching really is about, COACHING IS ALL ABOUT DREAMS, DECISIONS, ACTIONS, THE FUTURE; RESULTS! I have also learned that being a good coach is about asking the right questions in order to reach the persons full potential! Friends, family and colleagues from all over the world, in order to receive the certification I need a minimum of 100 hours of client coaching. Therefore, I really need your help now! The goal is to receive the certification by April next year, insha’Allah. Other than my engagements with the Peace Movement where I have coached youth informally and my degree in social sciences I have also worked as a family counsellor during the summer of last year. Would you like to be coached by me? Send me an email to [e-mail not available] to book a time in real life or through skype!

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